Franklin Parrasch Gallery is pleased to present Echo’s in Talavera, an exhibition of new work by Rafael Delacruz (b. 1989, San Francisco, CA) in conversation with ceramic sculpture and works on paper by Ken Price (1935-2012).

Rafael Delacruz considers a post-digital world by way of traditional means as he weaves surreal narratives in his canvases. Delacruz’s works, which typically employ painterly brushstrokes in tandem with flattened, screen-printed imagery, emulate a distorted and surreal, pixelated world of nomadic existence. Often rendered head-on, Delacruz mines a steady vernacular of near-universal, clip art-like icons; most common are day-to-day staples (e.g. apples, coffee mugs, baseball caps, sinks, and beds) and vehicular references (e.g. buses, cars, tires, shopping carts, and flying contraptions). Rather than imagined or implied space, these images appear to dictate both narrative hierarchy and visual outcomes. Within each piece, Delacruz rejects stylistic monotony in deference to dynamism and effect, and obscures and reveals information and events in vital syncopation. In many works, painted fields of color nestle into one another like fieldstones, establishing physical and emotional atmospheres and providing compositional (and, occasionally, literal) screens for the scenes unfolding within.

Delacruz considers the impact of Ken Price upon his work in this statement [linked here].

Rafael Delacruz was born in 1989 in San Francisco, CA, and holds a B.A. in Film Theory from San Francisco State University. He has participated in solo and group exhibitions at Reyes | Finn (Detroit, MI); Loyal Gallery (Stockholm, Sweden); Ratio 3 (San Francisco, CA); and Pilar Corrias (London, UK), amongst others. Delacruz has also published two limited-run zines with Nieves (Zurich, CH). This exhibition is Delacruz’s first with Franklin Parrasch Gallery.

Echo’s in Talavera will be on view at Franklin Parrasch Gallery, 19 East 66th Street, New York, NY, from February 4–March 11, 2022. The gallery is open Monday through Friday, 11a-6p. Appointments are encouraged, and may be made by visiting For further information, please contact the gallery at or (212) 246-5360.