Franklin Parrasch Gallery and Nyehaus will present a survey exhibition highlighting the career of the late Los Angeles gallerist Nicholas Wilder, December 1 – 5, 2010 at Art Basel Miami Beach. Nicholas Wilder Gallery’s fourteen-year list of exhibitions reads like a tour of a contemporary art cathedral from the 1960s and ‘70s. From April of 1965 to December 1979, the gallery exerted a quiet force of innovative elegance with show after show of works that (whether commercially viable or not) gained the respect for Nick Wilder’s instinctively brilliant eye. Early shows of artists as diverse as Richard Tuttle, John McCracken, Dan Flavin, and Bruce Nauman were succeeded by exhibitions of innovative new work by seasoned art veterans such as Agnes Martin, Cy Twombly, Hans Hofmann and Sam Francis.

The effect of Nicholas Wilder’s reach upon curators, collectors, critics and particularly artists in Los Angeles in the 1960s and 70s cannot be overstated and has continued well past his lifetime (Wilder died in 1989). Groundbreaking first exhibitions of everything from Bruce Nauman’s performance videos to John McCracken’s Planks to Dan Flavin’s Tatlins continue to permeate the collective conscience of contemporary art.

This exhibition, installed collaboratively by Nyehaus and Franklin Parrasch Gallery for Art Basel Miami Beach 2010 is a means of pause and reflection. For the viewer, it will be an opportunity to recognize the level of contribution Wilder’s gallery made in its fourteen-year span and how the exhibiting artists themselves were nourished by each other’s works – many of which were first shown at the small but eponymous space on La Cienega Boulevard.

This exhibition surveys the highlights of Nicholas Wilder Gallery. We will include works from the periods corresponding with the dates of Wilder shows including works by Peter Alexander, John Altoon, Jo Baer, Billy Al Bengston, Ron Davis, Dan Flavin, Joe Goode, Robert Graham, David Hockney, Hans Hofmann, Agnes Martin, John McCracken, John McLaughlin, Bruce Nauman, and Cy Twombly.

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