Franklin Parrasch Gallery is pleased to announce Daniel Turner, an eponymous exhibition of new works by the artist.

Three bays reminiscent of agricultural feeders or laboratory tables are positioned in the gallery. The dimensions have been scaled-down, stripping the units of any logical or domestic potential. We are instead presented with objects that recall industrialized manufacture: kitchen counters resembling troughs are now corporeally-scaled, far from announcing their utility. Positioned atop one unit and submerged/dissolving in another’s lies a set of refrigerator handles, severed from any discernable function.

Central to Turner’s work is the synthesis of ideas through a stark economy of means – the breaking down of materials, and of function from form. Turner has shaped an environment which sustainedly contains ambiguous scenarios within itself. These environments seem to suggest a precarious situation which they never actually realize.

Daniel Turner was born in 1983 in Portsmouth, VA and lives and works in New York, NY. Recent exhibitions include “Inside the White Cube” at White Cube Bermondsey, London, UK (2012); “Daniel Turner” at The Journal Gallery, Brooklyn (2012); “John McCracken + Daniel Turner” at Franklin Parrasch Gallery, New York (2012); “Estate” at Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York (2012); “Bulletin Boards” at Venus over Manhattan, New York (2012); and “Directions: Points of Interest” at Massimo De Carlo, Milan, Italy (2012). The artist has been selected for the Chinati Foundation’s 2013-2014 residency program in Marfa, Texas.

This exhibition will be on view at 20 West 57 Street from March 6 – April 27, 2013. A catalogue will accompany the exhibition. For images, biography, and further information, please contact Katharine Overgaard at or 212-246-5360, Tuesday-Saturday 10a-6p.