Four paintings and 14 watercolors: a slice of my work made over the last seven months. I have focused on the duality of process and image, the feedback loop that is their mutual interaction. The process as vehicle by which the image takes shape and the image as a presupposition that posits the act.

Let me now incant five names:
Walter Benjamin
William S. Burroughs
Allen Ginsberg
Haruki Murakami
Walt Whitman

And let these names shed light on these paintings through the power they contain and transmit. It is of equal importance to count the sands as it is to name the stars.

The Art of the Past, The Art of the Future, This Now-Moment we are living in, the moments of the work’s making. Emotion, Affect, Social Revolution, Memory and Premonition, the Swamp, the old gods buried deep in weeds, everything is deep in weeds, deep in memory.

Art brings the past forward and predicts the future. I have seen these places surrealism has hinted at. I walked through A door that was always there, always open since Leonardo or the cave paintings. Through painting we have the power to reach into this source of collective experience, the arche-fossil that precedes the transcendental subject, the vision of the birth of all things before there was an eye that might see it, before rods and cones, before light, before time, the origin, the Aleph, from which all thing are visible at all times. This is my vision and my gift.

Spoken by Chris Churchill, transcribed by Justin Lieberman

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