Franklin Parrasch Gallery is pleased to present “Dichromatic,” an exhibition of works by artists Peter Alexander, Joe Goode, Craig Kaufmann, John McLaughlin, Ken Price, Stephen Shore and Anne Truitt, brings together sculpture, painting and photography from 1959 – 2010. The exhibition will be on view through the summer, from July 15 to August 31, 2010.

The exhibition includes one work from each artist, playing off of each other in terms of color as well as form. While the work is all a varying shade of blue, there are a number of spots of red throughout the exhibition. This, while creating areas for the eye to settle, also provides continuity as the viewer travels through the space. The work of each artist, in a different mediums and proportion reflect on the artist’ play together the hard, vertical edge of a Truitt stands dignified next to Kauffman’s Wall Relief Baer’s early works, which address the relations of pictorial edge and field and of color and composition, plus more experimental works from the mid-seventies, which explore questions of flatness versus volume, frontality versus multiple vantage points, and objecthood versus illusion.

Baer has characterized her paintings of the 1960s and early 1970s as hard-edge and concerned greatly with color. However, as critic Lucy Lippard noted about her work in 1966, “the mood is more romantic than factual.” In some works a square white expanse in the central area of the painting is framed by a thin band of color-for example, turquoise, lavender, blue, mustard-reiterated with black. The strip of color serves to mediate the dichotomy of black and white and animate the relationship of field and frames. Often, Baer’s use of paint is not contained by the frontal boundaries of the canvas. In some works, stripes, bars, and arcs of paint cling to the sides or top of the canvas, breaking with the frontality conventional to modular painting, to explore multiple vantage points and to flirt with situation and context.

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