“I want to take whatever life puts in front of me and put into a space and turn that space into a temple. Those were the original goals in the fifties, goals which I’m still working on today.” – George Herms

Franklin Parrasch Gallery is pleased to exhibit a select group of works by George Herms spanning the past four decades. Eight pieces, comprised of sculpture, wall assemblage, and collage, provide examples of Herms’ lifelong exploration of poetic beauty and how we elevate the mundane artifacts of our personal lives.

One of the leading figures in the California Assemblage movement, Herms was heavily influenced and involved in the beatnik generation. The poetry and jazz of this particular era served as a source of expression for his art and values. Herms’ work sustains a philosophy of unregulated emotion and unconventional formal expression shared by his predecessors like Kerouac, Ginsberg and Berman.

Herms pays tribute to our memories, our past, and collective subconscious. His work transforms unpretentious objects with no source of importance in today’s world into unique moments in which we experience an ode to beauty. From the beginning the work of George Herms has been rooted in romanticism, renouncing our society’s obsession with the latest product and organization in order to focus on a more immediate and personal form of expression, which is in the end LOVE.

The exhibition George Herms Select Works, June 27 – July 28, 2006, runs concurrently with Los Angeles 1955-1985 at the Centre Pompidou, March 8 – July 17, 2006.

For images, biography and further information on this exhibition please contact Holly Brown at (212) 246-5360, or log onto the gallery’s website at www.franklinparrasch.com.