Franklin Parrasch Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of recent works in bronze by Stephen De Staebler. These full-scaled figurative pieces encompass De Staebler’s oeuvre of fragment, history, and grace. Ten years since his last bronze series, De Staebler returns to explore the full space of the body in movement. With multiple appendages reaching or stepping, these figures are in a liberated state of pursuit.

This exhibition is comprised of uplifting, statuesque and unfamiliar forms. A subtle play of naturalistic body parts combined with the rough edges of cast elements provides a sense of balance between physical reality and process.

Winged Figure Stepping, standing over eight feet tall, recollects the act of taking a first step. In the shape of flat square pedestal the base is pushed or extended into a path for the figure. Assembled cast sections frame the legs of the body only to transcend into non descript fragments of the material which incorporates the upper half.

Art historian and philosopher, Professor Dr. Andrei Gabriel Ple┼ču analyzes the fragment in art: “The most adequate “visual” expression of the spiritual effort seems to me to be in the fragment because only the fragment alone intimately respects the thought process. We think intermittently.” This definition redirects De Staebler’s principle of fragmentation towards the condition of our psyche and thought process. His figures evoke the archaic, but with an emphasis on motion and lightness, which transcends their material and existence as sculpture.

Stephen De Staebler: Recent Bronze Sculpture will be on view at Franklin Parrasch Gallery from February 17 – April 9, 2005. For images, biography and further information please contact the gallery at (212) 246-5360 or log onto the gallery’s website at