Color. Theory. & b/w

Peter Alexander l Sarasota Art Museum 

See Peter Alexander’s multifaceted exploration into the interplay of color and medium at the Ringling College of Art + Design through October 2020. The unique placement of Alexander’s translucent Boxes underneath a skylight [8/8/18 (Kool Aid Box), and  3/14/16 (Pale Grey Box)] imbues them with organic movement as they shift with the path of the rising and setting sun. Museum director Anne-Marie Russell writes: 

“At times they appear to glow from within, powered by their own internal energy source; at others they atomize, and appear to levitate or dissipate, unmoored from their base.” 

The exhibition also features Alexander’s Fresh as a Daisy (2019) as well as work by Ken Price. 

You may explore the exhibition virtually here.