Hymn For the Mother

Anne Appleby l Missoula Art Museum 

Anne Appleby’s solo exhibition, “Hymn for the Mother,” curated by Brandon Reintjes, will be on view Fall 2021 at the Missoula Art Museum (Missoula, MT). This show will feature new paintings alongside recent video, photographic, and sculptural works which address our collective, contemporary view of nature, and the manner in which people now relate to the natural world. Appleby continues to consider ideas pertaining to the innate human fear of and desire to conquer the land, and man’s blind, but spiritually and physically rich, relationship to the natural world in a manner responsive to traditional American landscape painting. A catalogue, with an essay by art critic Tyler Green, will be published to accompany the exhibition.

Color. Theory. & b/w

Peter Alexander l Sarasota Art Museum 

See Peter Alexander’s multifaceted exploration into the interplay of color and medium at the Ringling College of Art + Design through October 2020. The unique placement of Alexander’s translucent Boxes underneath a skylight [8/8/18 (Kool Aid Box), and  3/14/16 (Pale Grey Box)] imbues them with organic movement as they shift with the path of the rising and setting sun. Museum director Anne-Marie Russell writes: 

“At times they appear to glow from within, powered by their own internal energy source; at others they atomize, and appear to levitate or dissipate, unmoored from their base.” 

The exhibition also features Alexander’s Fresh as a Daisy (2019) as well as work by Ken Price. 

You may explore the exhibition virtually here.

Remembering Germano Celant: 1940 – 2020

Photo: Loic Malle

We pay tribute to one of the great minds and hearts of our art universe, Germano Celant, who died in Milan of Covid-19 related complications on April 27, 2020 at the age of 79.

Germano Celant was a visionary curator, and an emissary of important artists and art movements since the 1960s. Celant’s notoriety began with his coinage of the term Arte Povera, referencing the small group of Italian artists in the late 1960s who initiated a movement to celebrate the use of common and readily available materials, in direct confrontation with academic norms. We at the galleries in New York and Los Angeles pay homage to our shared lines of inquiry, and to the gamut of artists in Celant’s sphere of recognition, from Peter Voulkos, to KAWS, to gallery artist Charles Ross (pictured here with Celant and Jill O’Bryan at Ross’ March 2017 Parrasch Heijnen Gallery exhibition).

Our deepest condolences to Germano’s wife Paris Murray, their son Argento Celant, and to all his family and close friends. Germano will be insurmountably missed.

Forrest Bess

Forrest Bess l Fridericianum 

The first exhibition of Forrest Bess’ artwork in Germany in over thirty years, a full retrospective, curated by Moritz Wesseler, is on view at Fridericianum. Bess’ most iconic works, his “visionary” paintings, depict the deeply symbolic visions he experienced in the ephemeral moments between wakefulness and sleep. These works are now considered instrumental in the scope of post-War abstraction. This exhibition considers these iconic works alongside earlier works and significant pieces of correspondence between the artist and his many correspondants, like Betty Parsons and Meyer Schapiro. “Forrest Bess” is on view through September 2020.

The Extreme Present

Daniel Turner l Moore Building, Miami Beach, FL 

Turner’s Work will be featured in “The Extreme Present”, the fifth in a series of group exhibition curated by Jeffrey Deitch and Larry Gagosian at the Moore Building in Miami Beach, FL. The exhibition spotlights artists and their dynamic work and process in an increasingly complex and digital landscape. It is available for viewing from December 3-8, 2019. 

By repetition, you start noticing details in the landscape

Charles Ross l Bátiment d’art Contemporain 

Charles Ross’ work is featured in “By repetition, you start noticing details in the landscape,”  a group exhibition at the Bâtiment d’art Contemporain in Geneva, Switzerland. The show catalogued the art scene of San Fransisco in the 1960s. This show explores the multifaceted nature of this artistic movement, featuring works employing a variety of media including film and music.The exhibition will be on display from December 13, 2019 to January 19, 2020.