Catalogue published in conjunction with mark gonzales’s “round n’ round” exhibition at new york’s franklin parrasch gallery in october and november 2009, this two volume compendium of drawings, postcards, poems, painted-over newspapers, and photographs by or depicting mark gonzales covers a international correspondence spanning more than a decade beginning in 1993. geographically emanating from such diverse points as san francisco, tonga, paris, berlin and new zealand, all were sent in a consistent and copious correspondence between those locales and manhattan and brooklyn. both a primer and survey of gonzales’ wide-ranging artistic exploits, and a graphic and photocopied link to the newer sculpture and video in “round n’ round,” the material in focus photos finishers includes, but is by no means limited to: altered fashion advertisements, drawn and written on postcards picturing herbert huncke, robert johnson, and a russian circus bear (amongst other subjects), a portrait of emily dickinson, four-time world champion surfer mark richard’s autograph on the title page of thomas hardy’s the mayor of casterbridge obtained during a flight from los angeles to auckland, a cloth skateboard patch presented to gonzales in czechoslovakia prior to the fall of the berlin wall, representations of 2nd century b.c. parthian statues, faxes sent from high speed productions featuring a drawing of michael jackson complaining “i’ve never been so insalted,” a photograph of lee ralph next to a palm tree, aphoristic texts (“god called out loud but not one would hear him so he went underground he’s low key”), and numerous drawings displaying the full spectrum of gonzales’s varied and unmistakable styles. contained together in a transparent plastic wrapper, volume one is 8 ½ by 5 ½,” 14 pages with a color cover and pink pages, volume two is 8 ½” by 7 ½,” 34 pages with a color outside and inside cover and a color centerfold. edition of 100.